Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

We aim to make Three Chairs as safe as possible. Some of the precautions that we take to protect you are: - All calls are recorded and stored - We call you, so no phone numbers are ever exchanged - Calls are with new people every time to minimize the potential of abuse -We attempt to have at least 50 miles between the location of each caller We also ask that you never to share your personal details, this includes your phone number, address, passwords, addresses, bank accounts, etc. If you feel anything is wrong, please email or phone us.

How long is each call?

That is really up to you and the other caller. The moderator will initiate the call to help break the ice and make sure everyone is comfortable. Once they leave, you can talk as long as you are both enjoying the call and have the time. We don't charge by the minute. We want you to speak as long as you need or want to.

Why is there a moderator on the call?

Starting a conversation over the phone can be awkward. We have added a moderator to not only help break the ice but also to make it easier for you to get on the call. The moderator also makes the whole process easier. They will call you, no need to find a call in number, and access code or anything else, just be by your phone at the agreed upon time and wait for it ring. Once the call is running smoothly, they will drop off, and you can talk as long as you want.

What if I can't make my appointment?

We know things happen, it's part of life. Please let us know as early as you can. We will try to schedule a new call at a more convenient time for you.

Does it matter where I live?

If you are in North America and have a landline or mobile phone, you are good!

Can I buy a subscription for a friend or family member?

Yes! We have had many people inquiring about the service for parents who are aging in place.

I am not tech savvy, will this be to difficult?

No, while there is tech running in the background, we are focused on making Three Chairs a decidedly low-tech experience. All you need is a phone: landline and mobile both work.

What if I really like the person I was talking with, can I have a call with them again?

Currently, our goal is to match you with new people each call. This format keeps the calls exciting and also limits potential abuse. That being said, we are not against exploring the idea in the future.

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